"Without repenting you will not escape God's judgement"

"Theology is about knowing how to sing the song of redemption"
"​​​The search for purpose finds its deep significance in worship"

:"Jesus was hypostic that is he was all God and all man this is what makes him perfect"

Son of God

"Repentance allow god Himself to free us from our death and sinful nature" Have mercy on your soul
Repent today!
"The Preaching and teaching of Jesus and the Apostles began and end with one message A call to repentance"

Imagine Jesus saying this unto you

Why will you die?
Why will you perish?
Why will you not have compassion on your own souls?
Can your heart endure or can your hands be strong in the day of wrath that is approaching?
Jesus is saying look unto me and be sabed; come unto me and I will ease you of all sins , sorrows,fears,burdens and rest to your souls. Come I entreat you lay aside all procarastinations all delays; put me off no more; eternity lies at the door. Do not hate me as that you will tather perish thatn accept of deliverance of me.
These are the things that the Lord Jesus Christ continually decalre, proclaim, plead and urge upon our souls.


 The Truth about God 
He will endure forever
He is Good
his mercy is everlasting
He is soverign
He is immutable, unchanging
He is Loving, forgiving He is lone suffering
He is all powerful
All knowing
He is the creator of all things who is blessed forever
He is our shield
He is our healer
He is our deliverer
He is our source
God is the maker, creator and sustainer
of every person, place or thing

Think about it...& start thinking him
if you can think you can thank
you can praise
and if you can praise you can worship
Come on and worship the lord right now!
Thank you Jesus
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